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" of the top female up and coming entrepreneurs and amazing powerful woman.  If you get the chance to network with her or do business with her, get to know her.  She is phenomenal.  She has made the impact on so many of my clients' lives and she is a person who makes herself extremely valuable to others... and that's what success is.  Success is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice.  You cannot afford not to talk to her..."
- JT Foxx, The World's Number One Wealth Coach

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Mareli is not only a formidable business woman, global networker and entrepreneur, but also a widely recognized International Radio Host, Transformational Speaker and -Coach on the subject of Authenticity. Going from high school loner to being known as and called "The next female JT Foxx" by JT Foxx himself, Mareli knows the freedom in finding your authentic self and expanding one's comfort zone for growth. Her mission is to inspire,create and empower a movement of people from all walks of life to find and become the best, authentic "me" they can be in their personal and/or professional lives.
"There is great freedom to be found in being your authentic self." - Mareli ME Scott

Some of the highlights in Mareli's speaking career include hosting a few episodes of the popular South African DSTV television show: "MK Kampus", speaking to up to 3000 entrepreneurs and business experts from around the world on numerous occasions, interviewing millionaire- and billionaire tycoons like Margaret Hirsch: COO of Hirsch's Home Store; George Ross: The Apprentice Judge & Donald Trump's former right-hand man of more than 40 years, speaking on internationally known stages like the National Achievers Congress, the famous London BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Awards) and sharing the stage with global business experts, -coaches and -icons including:

Wayne Allyn Root - US Political figure and vice-presidential nominee
George Ross - Best selling author, Former right-hand man of Donald Trump and The Apprentice Judge
Robin Banks - Personal Mastery Coach and Speaker
Margaret Hirsch - SA Billionaire Tycoon and COO of Hirsch's Home Store
Robert Kiyosaki - Best Selling Author, Investor, International motivational speaker, activist, financial commentator and radio personality

From a young age, Mareli had the belief that she was destined for greatness buried deep inside of her. She believed it with her whole heart although reality begged to differ. Even though she struggled to fit in at her new high school, she made a decision to not change herself or her beliefs for anyone else, even if it meant not having many friends. She believed that people would someday appreciate her for who she is.
After completing high school, Mareli chose to grab this new chapter life was handing her with both hands: university...

Mareli got involved in a student organization called Vividus Day House. Escaping the box she couldn't fit into, she made a lot of friends and blossomed. By the end of her first year at the University of Pretoria, she was elected as Sport Executive Committee Member of Vividus Day House which earned her the responsibility of coördinating all sport-related activities. She grew tremendously and gained a lot of valuable organizational experience. By this time Vividus Day House had grown so big, boasting more than 1000 members, that the men and ladies had to split into two separate Day Houses.

The following year, Mareli pushed herself even further and was elected as Chairwoman (Primaria) of the biggest Ladies Day House in South Africa, Vividus Ladies Day House at the University of Pretoria, boasting more than 700 members during 2008. This role stretched her comfort zone even further and helped her turn some of her greatest fears, like publich speaking, into strengths. The same year she co-scripted and hosted a few episodes of "MK Kampus", a popular South African television show on DSTV:  a huge accomplishment for a previously shy and insecure person.

Mareli received her BA Human Movement Science degree from the University of Pretoria during 2010.

Driven by her desire to never stop learning, she explored various fields after university: fitness coaching, restaurant management, rehabilitation of underprivileged adults and children with disabilities, children motor skills development, event management, publishing and printing to name a few. Mareli later discovered a great passion for design and entrepreneurship.

Mareli now calls local and global celebrities and -business icons her friends. She consistently pushes her comfort zone for maximum growth, and strives to become the best version of herself daily.

Today, Mareli is an award-winning international speaker and -author, business woman, entrepreneur, global ambassador and -networker developing various companies and brands.

"I live my life by one simple rule: Reach for the stars... but keep your feet on the ground." - Mareli Scott

Mareli's story certainly doesn't end here and you can expect even greater things from her in the future. Connect with Mareli and join her journey on social media:

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Mareli Scott Vividus Ladies Sport Executive member
Mareli Scott Vividus Ladies Day House Primaria
Mareli Scott graduation
Mareli Scott Rehabilitation of disabled
The Next Female JT Foxx - Mareli Scott

Mareli won the Radio W.O.R.K.S. World International Speaker Award in London following her Authenticity Series as International Radio Host.
Mareli had the honour of spending a few days with and interviewing George Ross, The Apprentice Judge and Donald Trump's former right-hand man after being invited to an exclusive tour of the Nelson Mandela Foundation with him. 
Mareli personally received one of the first copies of Robert Kiyosaki's new book after speaking on the same stage at the National Achievers Congress in Pretoria, South Africa.​
Mareli featured in Wealth Ladder Magazine.
Mareli was nominated to receive an Author's Award and launched her book "Authentic ME" at the famous BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Awards) in London, December 2016.
Click HERE to read more about and order her book.

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